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When will I get a JOB

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    Dear Kind sirs,

    I thank you so much for answering my queries. I just have one last question.

    I am without a job for 7 months although I am qualified and experienced.

    Please say when I will get some JOB?

    date of birth:29th Oct 1987
    Time:10:57 am
    Place: Kandy, Sri Lanka

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    A job one has need not necessarily be a paid one as per astrology. A housewife does work in the house and looking after the children and that is also a job. Astrology recognize only a job (which means you have to do some work. Obviously you cannot sit idle the whole day). Everything you do is a job and it has a monetary value attached to it (had it been done by someone else).

    Read my blog for more details.

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