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When will I get a job

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    Dear Sir,

    Here are my details and want to now when will I get a job? I have been desperately looking for a job since September 2017 but no success .Have performed Kal Sarpa Dosha pooja as directed by my mother in January 2018 as well

    Place Secundrabad
    Time:1.45 Pm
    Date : 28 June 1976

    Thank you for your guidance!

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    Hello Sir
    My Birth Details: 12/4/1991
    Time :21:53
    Place : Lucknow

    Husband Name: 26/10/1987
    Time Of Birth :10:25 a.m.
    Place : Delhi

    Needed some advice on our marriage life.

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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    Hi Srinath
    You will get a job by Sept 2018 to may 2019 period. Please worship Lord Muruga on Tuesdays by offering flowers for remedy

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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    Hi Devashree
    From your horoscope, I could observe that there is some friction going on between you both. To overcome the problem
    1. Chant Sundarakandam
    2. Chant the under mentioned 33rd slogan in Soundarya Lahari daily 11 times in front of God after lighting Lamp with Ghee. The Link is here below

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    Chippa sridhar


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    Hi sir..namaskaram..
    Name lalitha Chaitanya

    DOB 03-08-1989
    Time 10.10am
    Place of birth Vijayawada.

    I Am preparing for competitive exams,want to know as per horoscope can I get government job?please guide me sir..thanks in advance

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