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when will i get a job exactly?

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    when will i get a job exactly? ( after time period and before time period of getting a job exactly?) i am getting teady to write fora government job exam in next december will it be successful? i did bank exam last october pending with results. will it be successful? please tell me..

    birth day- 11-April-1987
    b.time- 9.07 AM colombo,sri lanka
    lagna- taurus
    gender- female

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    The questions you are asking are not answerable with exactitude using Astrology. We can only evaluate your horoscope and give approximate timings and potencies of individual houses. If we were capable of predicting with such accuracy, we will be intruding into the territory of God and He would not like it at all with his job being usurped by poor humans like us.

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    TMRGI.. if so please evaluate my horoscope and tell me the after time perio and before time period of getting a job? because i am sufferin a lot without having a job yet..

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    You will have to come through Paid services if you want a scientific evaluation of your horoscope. Use

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