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when will i get a new job

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    suryatapa dutta

    I am currently working in the field of sales in a media company and sales is something I am not comfortable with . if I donot achieve any sales in this month or by next month I would be asked to leave my job. I am actively looking for opportunities in the current field but not getting any response. I want to know if i am going to lose my current job and when will I get a new job ? I am very worried and tensed because of this as I have a family to take care of
    Name : Suryatapa Dutta
    DOB – 5TH JUNE 1981
    TIME OF BIRTH – 5:10 AM , Friday
    Place of birth – Kolkata

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    If you expect astrology can tell you your day to day or month to month changes in job or any other activity, you are living in a fool’s paradise. Your common sense is very low when we see that you are asking impossible questions being raised on this site hoping to get an answer.

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    I have only asked a question abt my career . I donot know how questions need to be framed . I have a problem and hence I asked for help in this forum . If my question cannot be answered then I will seek answer elsewhere . There is no need of judgement here whether I live in a fools paradise or my common sense is low .

    Nevertheless thanks .

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    You have asked similar question before and we advised to switch to marketing. Period from 28/9/2017 to 19/12/2017 is not good on job front and job loss is possible.

    As Mr. TMR said rely on logic and common sense vs astrology for tit-bits. If you are not excellent at your job and not meeting your targets, job loss will happen in private sector today no matter how great of a period you run.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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