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When will my daughter get married.

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    Respected Sir,
    My daughter Birth details are : 12th October 1991,
    Time: 11.15 AM
    Place : Eluru , Andhra Pradesh.

    When will she get married and how is her married life.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao

    Your daughter’s lagna is Dhanur.
    Rahu is in Lagna.
    Seventh house owner is Budha.
    Sani is seeing Budha.
    So,there will be obstacles in her marriage.
    You have to try very hard to get her married.
    YOu have to reduce requirements of would be son
    in law.
    She may get married in 6 or 12 months,depending
    the seriousness of your trials.

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    Astro Anand Kumar

    Dear Mr.Rao
    Greetings from Ananda Kumar, I am contributing in
    well after your daughter horoscope like to answer your questions.
    Well she is born in saggitarius lagna, Anuradah star, having moon in Vrichik Rasi,
    The seventh lord Mercury in 11th house of gains along with 5th/12th Lord Mars.
    She is running Venus Mahadasa which is good and he is placed in 9th house along with Jupiter, Incidentally Venus is sitting in Ketu star of Magam, Hence she will get marry during Venus dasa and Venus Bukthi with Mercury Antara dasa which is going to be during next year 2018 after July. Her DK (daithiri karaka is Mercury) hence it is justified too, Mercury is holding vargothama position to make this happen.
    There are good chances of getting Govt., employee for your daughter as per chart. There are good chances of her doing her own business in near future noted in Career Chart.
    Ananda Kumar Sharma

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      Thank you so much for all respected astrologers for taking your time to reply me.

      She is working as a software Engineer and how will be her future husband.

      Is there any pujas or mantras need to performed for her marriage and better married life.

      Thanks in Advance.

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    I agree with Shri K. UMAMAHESWARA RAO Ji’s analysis. Ketu in 7th house, Saturn aspecting 7th lord Budh and cuspal sublord of 7th house Moon debilitated in 12th house shows hinderances and delays in Marriage.

    Currently Venus Mahadasha has started from 19/12/2015 and Venus has combination of marriage in it + is placed in 8th house in Chalit. Venus-Venus period is till 19/4/2019 and either Jup Antra (28/8/2017-7/2/2018 as Jupiter has Mercury as sublord) or Mercury Antra (19/8/2018-7/2/2019) will get her married. Jupiter and Saturn double transit on 7th house Gemini will play a key role to activate marriage.

    Also given her 7th house has severe affliction, married life would require considerable effort to sustain and stay happy.

    May god bless you!

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    To my mind your daughter will get married in the last quarter of 2018. Her 7th house, 5th house and 12th houses are reasonably strong as per the scientific evaluation of her horoscope. Read my blog for more details.

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