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when will my husband get a job

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    suryatapa dutta

    currently, my husband is not working . his last month of working was in July . i want to know when would he get a job and how would be the job

    Name : Amit Chatterjee
    dob – 9th nov 1977
    time of birth – 10:55 am
    place of birth – kolkata

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    Please could you describe the kind of job your husband was doing?

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      suryatapa dutta

      he had always been working in the call centre industry. then he moved to working with start up companies working in customer service

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    I don’t think your husband will get a job anytime soon. He will definitely get a job next year in mid or late 2018. The job will be much more stable and progress will be slower and he will have to work very hard.

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    Moon Rahu conjunction and well placed Mercury makes him a very intelligent person. Your husband has been under Jupiter Mahadasha from 2002 and Jupiter is average planet for him placed in 6th house denoting job. Your husband is starting Saturn Mahadasha from 5 Jan 2018 for 19 years and Saturn is his lagna lord placed in 7th house in Chalit together with 11th lord of gains Mars. Saturn is well placed in nakshatra of Ketu placed in 3rd house and Rahu placed in 9th house.

    He will progress slowly from Jan 2018 and while he can get a job doing business will be more profitable (both will require tremendous hardwork as Saturn doesn’t gives anything easily).

    Chanting Saturn mantra or wearing neelam will help him alot during Saturn Mahadasha and he will do well over coming 17 years.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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