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When will we be blessed with baby?

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    Dear respected astrologers

    I want to know when me and my husband will be blessed with children. We have been trying for a while without luck. How many children will we have? We ate growing older so chances for concieving are reducing.Our details

    Date of Birth 8 November 1983
    Time of Birth 05:40 am
    Place of Birth: Oslo Norway
    Gender: female
    Source of time of birth: hospital record

    Date of brith: 25th june 1976
    Time of birth: 23:55 /11:55 pm
    Place of birth: Oslo Norway
    Gender: male
    Source of time birth: hospital record

    Thanks in advace

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    Dear Fayma,

    Your 5th house, the house signifying happiness from children is very weak with its lord Saturn having less than 2% strength or potency and it is very unlikely that you will ever have the chances of a real motherhood. May be in 2015/16, you will succeed in adopting one from a far away land.

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    I want to know about baby. When will I conceive or be able to have children? And how many?

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    Potency of the 5th house is indicative of the happiness you will have from having children. The lord of the 5th house is Jupiter and Venus is placed in the 5th house. The residential strength of planets in your charts are given below.

    Planet Residential Strength

    Sun 52.54
    Moon 16.96
    Mars 87.89
    Mercury 35.08
    Jupiter 2.96
    Venus 45.93
    Saturn 71.40
    Rahu 81.31
    Kethu 81.31

    Net 52.82

    Jupiter has a very poor strength, Venus is better. And next Venus will come into play during its sub period in Moon(also weak) Period i.e. 2017/2018 and possibly during that time you could have a baby with a probability of 46% failing which there may not be any more chances of motherhood.

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    According to what u told me, I shouldn’t have much hope for children. In this case, my marital bliss is going to get less too with passing time as my partner wants a baby. Do u think I will have a good marital life?

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    Anyway wait until 2018 and let us see what happens. Face things as it comes. Who knows God will help you at the right time. We have no control over His wishes. Pray to Him with all devotion and things will turn out to be to your advantage as you are also one of His creatures and He resides in you too.

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