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When would I marry?

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    Hi sir, my date of birth is 16 august, 1981, time 2 pm place Vijayawada. I’m not married yet. I got so many proposals but nothing worked out. Please tell when would I marry and what should I do to get married soon?

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    You do not have to do anything to get married in the second half of 2020 which is the time of marriage as per your horoscope.

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    Why didn’t my marriage proposals get success? I’m already 36 now. Being a female it’s too late.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    YOur lagna is Vrischika.
    Sani,Guru and Sukra are in eleventh house.
    Budha is in 10th house..
    Sun and rahu are in fourth house.
    Kuja is in eighth house.
    Moon is in 4th house.
    Guru is seeing your seventh house.
    You are running Sani period from October
    2013 to October, 2032.
    I think you have got high aspirations of groom.
    You should reduce your expectations and be
    YOu should criteria of groom with regard to
    his job and property.
    I think you got good proposals before
    2013.Then you might be uncompromising about
    groom’s job and property.
    Now you are running Sani period.
    NOw,you have to put double efforts to find a
    groom and settle the alliance,by compromising
    with your ego.
    You are running Sani maha dasa-Budha antardasa
    upto June 2019.
    It is favourable for marriage.
    So make serious trials and fix the alliance.

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    Your Saturn is miserably weak for 19 years whose Mahadasa is running now. The Venus sub period is the only one which could give you marriage and it starts from mid 2020. If you wish to have a scientific evaluation of your horoscope you can come through Paid consultation after reading my blog

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