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Which Planets are weak & which gemstones to wear or any solutions to do?

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    Dhiren Kumar Sadiya

    Dear Sir,
    My Details as below:
    Date of Birth: 02-11-1981
    Time of Birth: 10-30 PM, Monday
    City of Birth: Vadodara, Gujarat.

    You are kindly request to please tell me which planets in my kundli are weak and what solutions (upaay) to do? Any gemstones to wear or not?

    Please guide me…

    Thanking you.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    YOur lagna is Midhuna(Gemini).
    First house–No planets.
    Second house-rahu,
    Third house-Leo-Kuja,
    Fourth house–Kanya(Virgo)-Sani,Budha(exalted)
    Fifth house–Sun at 16degrees,
    and Guru at one degree
    seventh house-Dhanush(Sagittarius)-Sukra and Moon
    Eighth house-kethu
    Rahu period is running from April 2014 to April 2032.
    Your horoscope is very good,except some minor things.
    All the planets are in between Rahu and kethu.
    This is a major setback to your horoscope.
    This is called Kal sarpa yoga.It is bad.
    There are three planets in kendra,namely
    Sukra ,chandra and Budha.
    Those are very good.
    Rahu may give you some financial and family problems.
    YOu may also make enemies ,due to your harsh tongue.
    It is better for you to do penance for two years,
    to reduce the cruelty of rahu.
    1.Practise fasting for one day in a week.On the day of
    fasting,you can unlimited quantity of uncooked vegetables.
    Prime minister was observing fasting once or twice in a week,
    for the last 30 years.
    2.Avoid milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,tea,sweets,sweet fruits,
    dry fruits,nonveg,fish,eggs and liquors for one year.
    Avoiding animal products is called veganism.
    See in google what veganism means.
    Penance means austerity or tapas.So,you have to avoid
    sweets and nonveg items also,to receive favourable
    rays from nature.
    3.Feed birds,animals and ants.You can feed monkeys and birds.
    Read in google- kumrao99 penance method to clean horoscope.

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