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who will be my husband in my future

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    Dear sir,

    Can you please give me information regarding my future husband. Can you tell me his personality/character or what type of person he is? I am also lost regarding my career too can you please also guide me what career is for me if possible?

    I know I have Saturn as ruler of my seventh house so I am sure he will be older, darker, hard work and disciplined I guess but then I also have other planet there, they might effect the personality I think. I also have Jupiter aspecting my 7th house which will make him somewhat traditional, cultured and family oriented.

    for career:
    I finished my bachelor and now I am lost since I cant get a job with it so I would like to get a master degree but I am not sure which field to go into. I am really interested in neuroscience but things are not working properly for me to get my phd or master degree in it, It is something hopefully, I will do in future.

    I would really appreciate your help and putting time to read my chart.

    Thank you so much for your kindness.

    22 february 1989
    5:00 P.m
    talwara punjab india

    latitude is 31:95 and longititude is 75:86

    Thank you

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    You have a fairly strong 7th house with around 57% strength and you will get a husband of your choice and will be fairly happy with your married life.

    Similarly your career house is also potent with 63.65% and so you will definitely pursue some higher studies and get a suitable opening by about Sept 2017.

    Astrology cannot give you a description of your potential spouse and if we could do so we would have given you his name and address so that you can go straight to him and tell him that come on you get married to me.

    Do read to get a better insight into astrology.

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    TMR jee,

    Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it.

    so i will have a suitable job by sept 2017..can you kindly tell me what type of field or career will be for my higher studies. I know I am the one who has to decide it but I would really appreciate your guidance regarding it, if you can tel me what is suitable for me

    Thank you so much.

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    Do give your options based on your interests and expertise so that we can suggest something. But I can say that any profession if you study well, you will succeed in and get a suitable job to support your happy living. Just getting a simple degree or diploma may not help you or for that matter anyone. You have to excel in your field of study and never will you be unemployed and be unhappy about your career.

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    Thank you so much TMR jee.

    I got my bachelor degree in chemistry and now I want to get into master degree. However, I am really lost what field to go into? My interest in neuroscience but in order to get into this field I will have to wait for two years and I have to get my master or mom dad will bother me.
    Therefore, I am thinking about going into healthcare business master which can help me to get a job as administrator or management. This is not something I will do for interest but will do for living.
    I am also thinking about getting a certificate and becoming a substitute teacher as part time.
    Neuroscience research is my dream or better getting a phd in neuroscience but I will not be able to get into program soon.
    So I think master is health care is my only option left.

    And about job, I have had only one job because I grew up with social anxiety which pretty much had put a fear in my mind to never get a job so always finding alternative ways to makeo money like interest marketing and stuff.

    And I am glad I won’t have to worry about unemployment on future because I have felt so bad all these years for not being able to help my parents financially so much.

    My interest in also in occult sciences, metaphysic, and astrology too but all these stuff are not taught here in USA.

    I am sorry for writing a long essay. And thank you so much for your time and help. May waheguru always bless you . Thank you

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    Looks reasonable. Teaching is definitely a good profession for you. As also Healthcare systems based on Chemistry and drugs. If you are interested in learning astrology, perhaps I can help you. Come through my blog and perhaps I can help you.

    Wishing you all the best.

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    7-30 pm

    would banking be good field , i nvere get call after clearing exams.
    when iget placed in banks
    tell me abouut my marriage partner
    do i have guru chandal dosh

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    would banking be good field , i never get call after clearing exams.
    when i get placed in banks
    tell me abouut my marriage partner
    do i have

    7-30 pm
    mumbai guru chandal dosh

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