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Why am I still single???

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    Hi can someone tell me why I am still single. I think I am a decent girl average looking….but I’m not sure why I can’t find anyone suitable.

    All my friends are either engaged or married.

    What is wrong with me???

    Dec 29 1991
    Mississauga, Canada

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    Your horoscope shows that ascendant lord Mars is in ascendant along with Venus and Mercury making you overthink about companionship or getting married. Also currently Jupiter Mahadasha is operating from 25/2/2013 for next 16 years (probably best time of your life) and Jupiter being in nakshatra of Venus further increases desire for companionship/marriage.

    From 15/4/2015 till 26/10/2017, you were under Jupiter Mahdasha and Saturn Antradasha which isn’t conducive for marriage and Saturn transit through ascendant was delaying marriage along with Rahu transit in 10th house. From 26/10/2017 Mercury antradasha will start and will continue till 1/2/2020 (also Saturn will leave your ascendant thereby reducing frustration and delay in relationships). Mercury has Venus as sublord showing 7,11 which is good for marriage.

    Tone down your intense and aggressive nature as it can cause havoc in future relationships.

    Good luck
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Are you able to tell me how my husband will be like? Will I have a love marriage? Same caste and religion?

    Thanks for your time

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    Your marital house 7th and 12th house indicative of bed pleasures are both average and it is unlikely that you will enjoy marriage much. And your house of luck is weak. You will however get married after Nov 2017, but make sure you get a well matching horoscope. Read my blog

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    You will have a very good marriage and chances of arranged marriage from known family/friend circle seems high.

    Beyond that exercise your freewill and you/family should find a match that you like + then go for horoscopes. I think education, compatibility and liking should precede horoscope matching vs blindly following/waiting.

    Do your karma vs waiting for things to happen

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    You will get married definitely in Jupiter – Mercury – Ketu period in the period from Feb 2018 to April 2018, as Ketu is the only significator for marriage and success. Saturn is in trine aspect to 7th cusp that is one the reasons for delay.
    As TMR sir said, take precautions for compatibility before marriage. The boy comes from your same town.

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    THabk you everyone for sharing your time and knowledge!

    Take care

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