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will I be able to clear civil services?

Home Forums Astrology Forum for Free Horoscope Reading and Predictions will I be able to clear civil services?

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    shalini tyagi

    Dob. 3 may 1993
    Time 5.30
    day – sunday
    Birthplace Bangalore

    Please tell if I can clear civil services?? If yes when ? And also tell about the things I should do for good career and life in general.


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    shalini tyagi

    The birthtime .. 5.30 pm
    In documents my birth date is 9march 93

    ONE MORE THING m not sure about the year in real it can be 1992 or 1993.
    And yes the time when I asked the ques was 4:44 pm IST .

    Pls reply !!

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    shalini tyagi


    Please reply when you get time :)

    Regards :)

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    Navneet Khanna

    You are confusing too many thing, prashan kundali and your birth chart. Your morning of evening time even year.

    Just give me your Date, time and place of Birth, a few minutes here and there will not matter, although I can check.


    Navneet Khanna

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    shalini tyagi

    Dob 3may1992
    Time 5:30pm
    Place Bangalore

    Sir I am not sure about the birth year it is either 93 or 92. Sorry.

    Thanks :)

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    How do you not know the year you were born? How old are you? Work from there. Astrology charts cannot be generated without the date of birth

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    shalini tyagi

    Actually confusion is due to different birth date in my documents. My real and on paper birthdates are not same. Thats why. By the wat I got it confirmed. it is


    Sorry for confusion :( 😩 😞

    So details are-

    Shalini tyagi
    Dob: 03/05/1992
    Birthplace: Bangalore
    Birth time : 5:30pm evening

    Thanks 🙋

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    shalini tyagi

    Hello navneet sir 🙏


    Shalini tyagi
    Dob. 03/05/1992
    Time. 5:30 pm evening
    Place bangalore

    I should have confirmed my details before posting the first post itself. SOrry for wasting your time.

    Please reply when you get time.

    Thank you 😃 🙋

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 14 total)
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