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Will I ever get married?

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    Respected astrologers,

    Can u please tell me whether will I have marriage or not.

    22 November 1973
    10:20 pm

    Pob- siliguri (west Bengal)

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    Can you give some background about you and what do you think is the reason for the delay in marriage. At 44 usually you should have been married with children playing around or in schools. Astrology is not an abracadabra and just by looking at your horoscope, we cannot say everything about you. For more details read my blog.

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    I grown up in a good family.. Father was in a govt service . mother was having property. But I never feel importance to start my career.. My every needs r taking care by my parents. Now they died. I sold my house a year ago.. And fix the amount as MIS. 3 month earlier I get into a job of security guard. Now I feel bad .. I could not do anything.. My life was useless.

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    If you can wait till October 2018, you will find a bride who will be known to you. Your background well justifies your experience as per your horoscope. Your Mercury period starting 2018 October for 17 years will be quite good in life as compared to the earlier years of your life.

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