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Yoni Kuta Incompatiblity solution

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    Kindly help
    I am Lion Yoni(M) and the girl is Elephant (F)
    Rest all the things are matching like 25 points in Gun Milan, No Kuja Dosha,Excellent Papsamya,Good Dasa Sandhi

    Will there be any problem, if yes can it be resolved?

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    I am Purvabhadra(Kumbha) and the girl is Bharani
    Im Lion(M) Yoni and she is Elephant(M) Yoni
    bhakootdosha is excellent(No Dosha), Vasyaguna is 1 point
    Will it be a good match?
    Please help Sir

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    I am surprised that educated young men and women are so ignorant that they continue to be superstitious and go behind fake astrologers while taking serious decisions in life. Deepak, You are one among them who believes in such baseless axioms when it comes to decision of your marriage.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Dear Deepak
    What do you think of Yoni kuta? It is for sexual compatibility. You have to check up in both the individual charts, whether you are capable or not for that. You have to see for longevity, nature, health, children, character, monetary aspects and job etc. When all other things are good and your elders give their blessings, you can proceed for marriage.
    When you get 36 out of 36 marks in guna Milan, what is the use if any one aspect is missing. Pls think.
    Good Luck
    JVS Rao
    KP astrologer

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