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Learn Vedic Astrology

Learn Vedic Astrology

Online Astrology Course works:

With the use of the latest technology like Skype / Google Hangout, this online astrology course is available to all those wanting to learn Vedic astrology from one of the Best Astrologer in India Navneet Khanna. This astrology course is like having a private instruction directly with the teacher.

The complete course is conducted online where the student can actively participate in interactive session and also clear there doubts through discussion and interaction. Upon completion of the course at every level a online exam would be conducted and a certificate would be issued from the institute.

Objective of this Astrology Course:

To provide a clear understanding of the important principles of astrology as per Vedic astrology like signs, houses, planets, planetary strength and weaknesses.  You will learn how to interpret the horoscope and use astrology in a positive manner and improve your life and also that of others.

Entry to the Course:

Admission to Astrology Course:

No prior astrology knowledge is required except serious desire to learn astrology. The minimum qualification for leaning Vedic astrology would be passing the Higher Secondary exam or equivalent. The medium of instruction of the course is English.

This Course is a 6 Months Course.

The Course will Include the Following:

1. Fundamentals of Astrology – Houses, Planets, Signs in details, Ascendant, Casting of Horoscope (3 Months)

2. Planetary Aspects, Important Sun and Moon Yogas and Conjunctions (1 Month)

3. Marriage Matching in Detail including (Mangal Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Gun Milan & Grah Milan) & Looking at General Compatibility between various signs, Practise Examples. (1 Month)

4. Evaluate Profession, Astrology Remedies,  Sade Satti, Practise Examples & Exam (1 month)


The Total duration of the Course is 6 months. Classes will be 4 Hours a week, preferably on Saturdays and Sundays. Notes related to the course will be provided through email prior to the class.


Price in USD : $600.00 Price in INR (Rupees) : 21,000.00

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  1. I’ve deep interest for Astrology and my family business falls out to be Astrology and Consultants

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