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Remedies For Pitra Dosha

Remedies For Pitra Dosha

There  are  various remedies for  this dosha—basic purpose of all remedies is reduction in dosha  of  self  &  of ancestors   giving   mukti ,  shanty to them  & to Give them satisfaction &  happiness for  getting  their  blessings  -by doing   pinddan   shraddah karm & Tarpana In PITRI PAX  & offering food to Brahmins Cow , Dog & Crows) .

Other remedies   include  ,  balanced   behavior &  respect to family members  , parents & service  to the poor , needy old aged  people of society   or at  places of jyotir lingas  situated at different place in our country .

For Matree   dosha-   1.25 lakh Jap of Gaytri mantra to be done & donate silver pot filled with milk .

On  somvati –amavasya – worship of Peepal  tree with lord Vishnu  offer yagyopavit  to both & do  parikramas  108 times , chanting any Vishnu mantra such as  aum  namo  narayanay  or aum namo bhagavate  vasudevay or aum ram ramaya  etc  offer   sweet as naivadyam  after completion  of parikramas , & pray  for  forgiveness – for all sins or doshas done by you or your ancestors  knowingly or unknowingly in previous births .

Sit  near peepal or bel   Tree  or in Goshala ( cowshed ) or in Temple of lord Shiva – do jap  of   Tarak  mantra-Aum Namah   Shivaya  108 times daily with taking  sankalp  of  dosha  mukti .

In Indian mythology authorization of salvation or mukti  is associated with  lord Vishnu or lord Shiva . So  Jap of Vishnu  mantra &  path of Vishnusahasranaam  or jap of Shiva or Mahamritunjaya mantra & Rudrabhishek  or path of Shiva Sahsranaam  must be done  regular Saptahik- Parayan or path of Shreemadbhagvat  have been suggested .

Pinddan ,  Havan  ,Tarpon  &  Brahman  bhojan  can be done  for Pitra-  dosha shanty .

Apart from this there are some simple less time consuming  &  cheaper ,  easy ,  effective remedies that can be added  in daily life of any one to reduce this dosha  –

Do   path of Gajendra moksha  or  Papprashaman stotra daily .

Before   starting of path of Pitree -Stotra  – chant  pitra- gayatri  three times—



 And  do   one path of  Puranokta  or Vedokta   Pitree stotra  daily  in morning  after bath by sitting & facing South direction for a year daily .



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