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Saturn in Sagittarius Transit – How It will affect You

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is believed to be the great teacher among the planets. Saturn is move from the dark and emotional Scorpio into the philosophic and freedom loving Sagittarius. It is estimated that this transit will take a period of at least two and half years and bring change to not only the personal level of your life, but also to the ... Read More »

Saturns Transit in Scorpio – Brings Period of Transformation

Saturn in Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed and second watery sign of the zodaic. Mars the planet of energy and power is its lord. When we study the zodiac we find that Read More »

Saturn transit through Scorpio from 2 November 2014

Saturn in scorpio

Saturn will enter Scorpio on 2nd November 2014 and will stay in the sign of Mars for next 2 ½ year moving direct and retrograde till January 26, 2017 before entering Sagittarius.   Read More »

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