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Best Astrologer in India for Astrology consultation

Astrologer Navneet Khanna is considered as one of the top and best Astrologer in India. He lives in Panchkula, Chandigarh. He is an expert Astrologer on many Indian & Foreign Websites and a frequent writer for many national and international websites and magazines.

Astrologer Navneet Khanna is an expert Astrologer on relationships, marriage matching or Kundli milan, career horoscope, foreign settlement, finance besides many other things.

He is highly logical in his predictions and that is why he has a strong client base in USA, UK, Australia and Canada, besides many cities in India, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Punjab and Chandigarh. With his vast experience in Vedic Astrology he is associated with leading astrologers in India and abroad to promote the use of Vedic Astrology.

Astrologer Navneet Khanna believes that Vedic Astrology is a vast subject, it is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. It is simply up to the individual to jump into the ocean and extract the pearls.

You may contact him for his paid services. For Paid Services visit the PAID REPORTS  from the menu above.  

NOTE: All paid reports are written by Astrologer Navneet Khanna himself and include free Phone Consultation. If you wish to speak with Astrologer Navneet Khanna you may contact him on his number +91-9417884861



Astrologer Navneet Khanna
House No 1636, Sector 4
Panchkula – Chandigarh
Haryana 134112

Cell: 0091-9417884861

Skype: navneetastrologer

Whatsapp  : +91-9417884861



  1. Sir,
    Can you please help me in telling what are the prospects of children in our life?
    My birth details 19.11.1986, 18:50 hrs, New Delhi. Husband’s birth details: 4.6.1985, 18:25 hrs, Raipur. We are trying to have a baby for long but to no success.
    Please help. Thank you.

    • Dob28/11/90
      POB: Mumbai
      Want to hv love marriage but deeply disheartened by fate no sign of it happening plz help
      Any experienced astrologer plz suggest if I’ll hv love marriage or arranged marriage?

  2. hello sir,
    my baby boy born on 26/09/2017 at karnal i checked with local pandits and on some websites too to check gandmool nakshtra for him buy they states yes but i checked on your website it states no would you please put some light on this

    • hello sir,
      my baby boy born on 26/09/2017 time 1900 hrs at karnal i checked with local pandits and on some websites too to check gandmool nakshtra for him but they states yes but i checked on your website it states no would you please put some light on this

    • Kindly recheck as the child is born under Jyestha Nakshatra hence there is Gandmool dosha in the horoscope. Gandmool puja is recommended.


      Navneet Khanna

      • TMR

        Yes, you are right. May be I made a mistake in reading the date of birth.

      • Hello Navneet ji,

        Regarding 2nd marriage predictions.

        My details are below:

        DOB: 27th Jan; 1987
        Time: 01:30am
        Place: Bulandshahr, UP

        I wanted to have a simple peaceful married life. But, I think my least expectation is huge for God to bless me blissful married life. I am tired of pursuing proposals now and then.

        Here are my questions:
        Is second marriage for me?
        If yes, how would be my married life?
        Any accidents- divorce etc?
        How would be my second husband- unmarried/divorce, caste, educations, looks, status, family?
        Do you see foreign settlement?
        Any other details important to highlight.

        Please give honest analysis and facts. No fake hopes anymore.

  3. TMR

    Your boy’s Moon is in 4 degrees 14minutes in Mesha Rasi Aswini star. Gandmool dosha happens when a child is born in the junction point of a Firy and Watery sign(plus or minus 5 degrees from Gandmool point). Therefore your son is having Gandmool Dosha limited to 15%). You can ignore it .

  4. NAME: Sanchit Sinha
    DOB: 16.08.1988
    PLACE: kanpur
    TIME: 06:20 AM

  5. TMR

    Read my blog to know about Manglik.

  6. Hi Navneet sir, kindly answer my concern as my bro and bhabhi are going through a rough phase.

    Brothers details–

    Name – Anuranjan Singh
    DOB – 30-12-85
    TOB – 9-30 am
    POB – Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh

    Bhabhis details-

    Name- Ankita Sharma
    DOB – 04-08-88
    TOB – 7-05 am
    POB – Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

    Questions –

    1. they fight a lot, and my file for divorce…do you think thats a possibility?
    2. will they have kids if the matter settles?


  7. Is love marriage possible for me?
    POB: Mumbai
    Want to hv love marriage but deeply disheartened by fate no sign of it happening plz help
    Any experienced astrologer plz suggest if I’ll hv love marriage or arranged marriage?

    • Sir if I HV parivatrtan yoga between Venus n mars does that mean it’s bad for after marriage life like husband gaining power in a negative sense

      • Also hv mars (5th lord)retro having its 8th aspect on Saturn(7th lord) n rahu in 7th house of Capricorn
        Please suggest how will it impact my love life n will my love marriage be successful?

  8. Sir can u plz tell if this person is loyal towards his wife?
    Tob: 21:00
    POB: Mumbai

  9. Girl : 20/10/1989 15:49 PM Shahjhanpur, UP
    Boy : 17/03/1986 08:08 AM Jhansi, UP

    Girl is manglik from birth chart (lagan) and boy is not. Could you help me to check is girl mangal dosh cancelled due to other plants positions?

  10. Please tell remedies for intercast marriage between a Tyagi brahaman boy and Punjabi khatri girl.
    Boy : 28 September 1989
    Time : 2:30 am
    Place : Delhi

    Girl: 24 December 1989
    Time 6:38 pm
    Place: Delhi

    Please tell us to get rid off all doshas in this marriage. N also help in making boy’s family ready for the intercast marriage.

  11. Please sir reply

  12. TMR

    There are no doshas if you do an intercaste marriage. Obviously if necessary you will accept his blood donation should someone in your family needs one. Then where is the dosha?

  13. Sir, when is the marriage happening for 12 jan 1987, 9:30 AM, Yavatmal Maharashtra. Will it be love or arranged marriage?

  14. Your horoscope is weak for marriage. There is Kaalsarp dosha and Kamdruma dosha. Sun rules the 7th house of marriage. Sun is conjoined with Mercury which is the 8th lord and not auspicious. Marriage should be done after proper matching of the horoscopes for a blissful and happy marital life.


    Navneet Khanna

    • prashant(male)
      Delhi . Presently im working job with low salary. When iam able to buy my own house. And when my income source become high .

  15. Hello sir my name is Varun jain DOB 4/10/1985 time 9.06 pm Manglik
    Girl name is Poonam Verma DOB 06/04/1987 time 1.05 am. Non Manglik.
    Sir hum Dono marriage karna chahte hai or ye bhi nahi chahte ki after marriage koyi problems create ho like death scene & any other problem. Please tell me our after marriage life.

  16. Sonia sharma
    29 Nov 1985
    4 am
    Gudaspur , Punjab india

    I would like to ask about health and marriage please tell me something about when I will get married and about my health ?

  17. Sir
    Me and my hubby are love marriage couples..we dont consult any astrolger before marriage as our marriage is lover marriage.but now a family friend who had a knowledge in astrology says that we had no rajju im very fear about my hubby health and im fear about every thing.
    please replysir..i just feel like dying inside please help me
    Brides name:priyadharshini
    Time:3.40 am
    Place :Madurai

    Grooms name: saravanan
    Time:11.37 pm

  18. TMR

    Rajju dosham is not all that important a dosha and its weightage in horoscope matching is only 1%. Don’t worry about it. If you really want a full scientific horoscope matching do read my article and come through Paid Consultation

  19. Hi, wanted to know if marriage is preferable and if any doshas
    dob: 21st jan 1994
    time :10.10am
    place :hyderabad

    dob:6th Aug 1992

    Thank you


    Sir my name is HRISHABH KESHARWANI . i have done electrical engineering .I am preparing for governmet job
    for last 4 years . my all effors are futile . still i m preparing for state service exam. to become one reputed officer. i m doing very very very hard work continusly. my BIRTH TIME IS MORINIG 8:20 MY DOB IS 16/11/1991. BIRTH PLACE IS JABALPUR MADHYA PRADESH. IS I GOING RIGHT PATH.

    • TMR

      Your command in English language is very poor which obviously does not suit for getting a reputed government job in India. Perhaps you could try to improve upon it and then try once again.

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