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Reply To: Need help regarding my son.


As per scientific evaluation of your son’s horoscope, has a First class horoscope and there is absolutely nothing to worry about him. Perhaps he could even be having a much better horoscope than you have. If you are keen in how I have arrived at this evaluation, you can read my blog Navagraha astrology Online.

Have a look at the planetary dispositions he has.

Planets Nature Net % Strength

Sun Benefic 1.36
Moon Malefic 6.48
Mars Benefic 13.94
Mercury Benefic 53.41
Jupiter Benefic 56.58
Venus Benefic 43.86
Saturn Benefic 96.10
Rahu Benefic 64.05
Kethu Benefic 72.19

Net Benefic 47.51

Though his Sun, Moon and Mars are powerless, other planets have squared up the deficiencies and he will be having an excellent time post 2027.