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Reply To: Will i Succeed in Music Industry?

Navneet Khanna

You have many questions over there and I’ll try to answer as many as possible. Venus the planet of creativity and perfection, yes it is there in your chart and also very strong as Venus is in Taurus. Rahu in lagan is never good as the person has big dreams, more than his capabilities. Rahu also leads to frustration. Debilitated Moon in the 3rd House, is never good. You lack front, lack focus and concentration. I do feel you have a good chart and can do wonders in your life, it is only about setting your targets and working towards it. There is a saying in English, a person who sails on two boats always drowns. So do not depend upon lot of things. Focus on your music if you want to be a musician and just do that and nothing else. As 3rd house is weak, need to improve your confidence, public image and also networking.


Navneet Khanna