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Reply To: When will I get job? CA qualified


Your Lagnadhipa Saturn is totally powerless and this has made you one with hardly any personality, no individuality and highly lacking in self-confidence. Obviously this could make you unimpressive in interviews for jobs etc. I think you should take some course in improving your self confidence which will help you in this regard. However you will get a good job with the Government or in a Public sector undertaking by about mid 2021 which will earn you good returns from job/career.

Planets Nature Net % Strength

Sun Benefic 88.40
Moon Malefic 62.19
Mars Malefic 20.72
Mercury Malefic 45.53
Jupiter Malefic 13.05
Venus Benefic 39.22
Saturn Malefic 2.54
Rahu Benefic 75.37
Kethu Malefic 44.29

Net Malefic 46.58

Have a look at the strength and nature of your planets. Do read my blog to get a good insight into astrology and how you can make use of it in your life.