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Reply To: MY Son JOB


His natal horoscope has all planets except Moon as Malefics. He is now running Venus antardasa followed by Sun till Oct 2021. Now have a look at the strength of planets.

Planets Nature Net % Strength

Sun Malefic 41.68
Moon Benefic 63.63
Mars Malefic 15.71
Mercury Malefic 72.96
Jupiter Malefic 76.91
Venus Malefic 20.52
Saturn Malefic 86.08
Rahu Malefic 80.40
Kethu Malefic 69.59

Net Malefic 59.43

Now that he is resident in Arizona, the transit effect of the planets will have to be checked. Suggest you come through Paid consultation after reading through Navagraha astrology Online