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Reply To: Job Concern

Subhendu Das

Dear Acharyaji, Pranaam !

Thanks for your response.

Will note your points about Smoking & Alcohol, and have abstained from it since 6-7 months now. Will continue doing that.

Have quit Non-Veg (except Eggs) since 3 years now.

And yes you are right, I am very emotional & sentimental person.

I am into Sales job and hence local travels are very common. On few occasions, travel out of country as well happens. Last travel due to work was probably last year.

Please let me know when can I expect the next change of jobs. I am trying many options and I would say it reaches/reached upto 50% completion so far. I am very stressed due to this, please suggest if i can expect another job change in rest of the year now ?

Thanks in advance for above answers.

Best Regards