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Reply To: How effective is brahma yoga

K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara Rao

The child lagna is Simha.
I think Madgaon and Margao is same.
When I typed Madgaon in internet,I am getting Margao.

For this lagna,ninth house owner is kuja.
Kuja is in 4th house.Guru is in 5th house.
Guru is not in kendrea from ninth house owner.

For Simha lagna ,eleventh house owner is Budha.
Budha is in 7th house..Sukra is in 8th house exalted.
Sukra is not in kendra from eleventh house owner.

Yes,Budha is in kendra from lagna.

Brahma yoga consists of 3 parts.
Only one part tallies in your son’s horscope.
There is no Brahma yoga.

There are various definitions of Brahma yoga.
I dont know which definition you are following.

Please check your definition of Brahma yoga.
In your son’s horscope,Moon is in 10th house.Very good.
Kuja is in 4th house in own house..It is Ruchaka maha
Budha is in 7th house kendra..Good.
Guru in 5th own house..very good.
Sukra in 8th house bad.