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Reply To: Strength and Weakness in my horoscope?

K.Umamaheswara Rao

Your lagna is Midhuna.
Lagna or first house –Chandra–very good for finances and intelligence.
4th house–Sun in 4th house is good.
Neecha sukra in this house gives average results for finance.
Ucha Budha in this house gives very good results for career and finance.
The net result of this house above average finances.

5th house-kuja and rahu–very bad for finances.

6th house–guru –average results for finance.

9th house -Sani–Above average results for finance.
You are running Guru maha dasa upto Jan 2024..
The finances will be average upto 2024.
From Feb 2024,you are going to run Sani maha dasa.
It will be 30 % better than this Guru maha dasa.