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Reply To: How will be 2021?


When you work for ₹100, your returns will only be worth ₹90. The lord of your career house Sun and Venus in the 10th house are malefic in your horoscope. Have a look at the strength and nature of your planets.

Planets Nature Net % Strength

Sun Malefic 6.03
Moon Benefic 10.21
Mars Benefic 15.53
Mercury Benefic 66.36
Jupiter Benefic 2.77
Venus Malefic 80.97
Saturn Benefic 65.90
Rahu Benefic 42.31
Kethu Malefic 43.01

Net Benefic 38.09

Obviously Jupiter though a benefic has only one digit strength. You cannot therefore expect much from this Mahadasa. Mercury, Saturn and Rahu antardasas in Jupiter Mahadasa will be slightly better though Jupiter is weak.

Sorry for the error in my earlier reply.