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Reply To: How will be 2021?


One Pandit suggested me very good result, he shared below details:

“Jupiter rules second house of family and finances as well as fifth house of talent also. Being placed in seventh house, with the Moon, He is forming auspicious ‘GajKeshari Yog, to offer you success and suitable returns of your sincere efforts and hard work. It is one of the most powerful wealth generating combinations of planets to make you one of the prominent person in your circle. Aspect of Jupiter is there on your eleventh house of recurring income to ensure inflow of funds through honest means. The Moon is the ruler of your ninth house of luck, and is exulted in seventh house of social reputation, to grant you favour from Lady Luck”

Is it incorrect? Please sir, suggest me above the above facts as my rahu mahadasha went not that good, I am expecting good time from Jupiter mahadasha.