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Reply To: Marriage problem

K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara Rao

Nowadays,it is common to give wrong birth details by girls and boys,
for the purpose of marriage.Both parties tell many lies ,at the time
of marriage,to get their children married.
Elders also encourage to tell more lies during marriage.
Telugu proverb says that people can tell any number of lies during
So,the best thing is not to rely on the birth data given by the other
For business partnerships also,people are giving false horoscopes,so that
his welcome him.
Astrologer friends are telling that they are getting small fees to read
predictions for them.But clients are paying good fees to change their
Similarly,astrologer friends are making good money to fix time for delivery
with an excellent planetary configuration.
This practice is rampant among middle class and upper class people.

You must know that God is more intelligent than all of us.
Parents dont realise that when their children have got bad
horoscope,they cant change the life of their children with
their intelligence.
People spend 12 to 15 years for study and then get employment and
see another well paid employee for marriage alliance.
If he or she is well employed and rich,they iydays,parents
are highly practical.They go to astrologers for ordinary alliances.

People dont understand the importance of penance and refuse
to devote one or two years to clean their horoscopes and
pave way for improved quality of life.

In the present case,I advise the unfortunate girl not to blame
exhusband for the present situation.Fate has worked like that.
She has to do penance sincerely for two years to improve future
Our ancient sages are not fools in utilising their valuable years
of life towards penance.