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Reply To: Nadi Dosha in Kundali Matching

Navneet Khanna

In the above horoscope matching we see that the boy belongs to Uttaradhadra Nakshatra charan and the girl belongs to Bharani Nakshatra charan. Both belongs to Madhya Nadi, that is why there is Nadi dosha. You are also having 2-12 Bhakoot Dosha, which is never considered good. The Guna milan score you are getting is 17.5 out of 36 which is a little less than 18 that is considered minimum for marriage. I suggest that you get your charts checked in details to know if the above dosha do get cancel or not. If the Nadi dosha and Bhakoot dosha get cancel, then marriage can certainly be considered without any problems. As what you are asking requires me to study both charts in detail. I suggest that you kindly look “Horoscope Matching Kundli Milan from my paid analysis from the link below for a detailed email/ phone analysis. This report covers dosha check and cancellations, remedies, analysis of your marriage in terms of career, finance, children, health and discusses the strength and weaknesses of the relationship in detail. It also provides you with things suggestions to make your relationship strong and lifelong.



Navneet Khanna
Vedic Astrologer