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Thanks for your time. As I was very much curious about astrology i studied the basics of it and felt it as too confusing.I joined in many astrology groups and one thing I noticed is that when someone post their horoscope for prediction, different astrologers gives different predictions. So I decided to do a research and consulted more than 5 astrologers with my horoscope and asked about career but some of the predictions were different and some were similar. And one similar thing they said is i will get into a good job at the age of 29 when sukra antardasha of rahu dasha happen.As they said sukra as 8th lord sitting in 6th makes vipareet rajayoga and sukra sitting in 10th house from rahu.And majority of the astrologers said I will get into government job because 10th lord Jupiter sitting with 6th lord sun and Jupiter sun combination is auspicious and also I have adhi yoga,sasayoga,kendra trikona raja yoga,vipareet rajayoga etc. One astrologer said getting govt job is not easy as sun in 7th house is not suitable for astrologer said I will go to foreign country for job. One astrologer said I will not go to foreign as indicating planets were not in movable sign. Now you are giving a totally different prediction from all of them.Now iam totally confused and slowly moving from a believer to a sceptic.whether astrology is all wrong or the astrologers are??