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Reply To: How will his schooling and education be?

K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara Rao


His lagna is Dhanur.
Lagna contains Budha–Good..
Second house contains Sun–
Sani is seeing second house..Very bad.
It is not good for mouth,talking and finance.
Third house–kuja ,kethu,sukra–good.
9th house–moon and rahu–bad.
Sani is seeing ninth house and moon..very bad.
10th house-Guru–very good.
12th house-Sani–very bad.

There is some dosha in the second house..He will gain intelligence and
talking talent slowly.
Such children ,who got some dosha in horoscope ,are talking after 5years.
Many children in my area gained normal intelligence after completing 5years.

Sukra is ucha or exalted in navamsa chart.
Sukra maha dasa will start in Dec 2021..
He will be very well after Dec of this year.
You need not worry.

1.You make him to sit in sunlight daily 20minutes,without shirt and bannian.
He can wear a nikker instead of pant or lungi.
2.Daily see that his body is massaged with cold water daily 15mins.
3.For three months,he has to follow veganism method.
Veganism means avoiding milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,tea,ghee,nonveg,fish and eggs
and alcohols and cigaretees.
4.He can take meals and tiffin.
5.Give him daily one table spoon of coconut oil in the morning and one table
spoon of coconut oil in the evening.