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Reply To: MY career

Navneet Khanna

As per your birth chart your lagan is Taurus and Rashi is Aries. You are born under Bharani Nakshatra. 10th house is the house of career, profession and it is the natural house of Saturn. In your birth chart Saturn is in Aquarius forming the Saha Yoga which is good and auspicious and gives you results for your efforts. Saturn is the karmic planet and when in the 10th house forming the Sasa yoga, you get paid very well for your efforts. You will earn recognition, rewards and fame from masses. Your long term career growth is very good and so you need not worry on this front. Presently Rahu is in the lagan in your gochar / transit chart which is the reason, things may not work exactly as per your plan. There can be unwanted stress and tensions and obstacles. Things change when Rahu moves out from lagan.

Doing Rahu remedies is important during this period.


Navneet Khanna