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Reply To: Can you see changes in my life ?

Navneet Khanna

You think you will find happiness, by going to the mountains or separating from family. There is no need to run away from the challenges that are in front of you. You have to face them and only then you can change your life for the better. Im sure your family is not interested to see how large Sum you earn, but they are interested that you stand up and face this situation boldly.

Coming to your horoscope, your lagna is Mithun, Kanya rashi and Jupiter mahadasha is going on with antardasha of Venus till November 2021. 10th lord Jupiter is debilitated till 06 April 2021. Rahu is in the house of expenses till March 2022. I see some improvement after April 2021. You should try to grab opportunities that come your way. Do not keep high expectations, but get into something that will only improve with time.

1. Do Jupiter remedies and also read Hanuman Chalisa for benefits.


Navneet Khanna