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Reply To: Can someone read my 2021 solar return?

Navneet Khanna

Your Vedic Natal chart is given above. You are Virgo lagan and Virgo rashi. Rashi is your Moon sign. You have a very strong Mercurian influence in your life.  Due to Mercury, you will have enormous capabilities and talents. As Moon is in the first house in Virgo, you will look young and can hold independent views. Sun is exalted in your birth chart that indicates a person who believes in spiritual awakening. You are always keen to know more about your inner self. The coming period will bring you more friends as you get out and interact more with like-minded people. Things that held you back will lose the grip on you as you take more control on yourself.  You could see yourself moving closer to people who attract you and stimulate your mind. Its Mercury and Sun influence very strong going forward in your life.





Navneet Khanna

Vedic Astrologer