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Reply To: Navneet sir please help


Navneet Sir thanks for replying, one of my friends told me about a group of people in my school who kind of abuse me in private  whatsapp group , like last year I had skin allergy(which is now treated completely) so they were commenting that it seems someone has run a tractor over my face.. also they call me too proud and egotistical/creepy, and call me malnourished for being thin.. I have problem communicating properly with people

I’ve no hate for anyone ,but people become my enemy easily, I’ve no good friend .I think people do not like the fact I’m good at studies/am different..

I’m not too disturbed about it as I’ve understood what I truly am,I have been facing problems since some years,but I need to be more focused in my work,I’ll try to work on my shortcomings

However I wish for a better time to come!🙏