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Reply To: JOB PREDICTION in 2017

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Rajan Jagannath Vyawahare

Pranam Guruji, Please help me out from this i m in depression right now what to do and how to do? Whatever i m doing i always get failure ..In my graduation i get 3 times failure wasted 3 years and finally completed graduation last year, it took me 7 years to be an Engineer..Now i started studying for competitive exam for banking govt jobs and now too also i am getting failure….this is wasting my time?i am working hard but then too there is no success in exams…Now everything seems to be impossible for me to survive in this environment.. I cant see my bright future…Please help me in this case as i want govt job as early as possible…I know opportunity is coming and i m working for it but then too no good results..Every part of my life’s incidence is ruining my life…Please sir help me..