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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

I have suggested you to do prayer to lord Hanuman as he gives “buddirbalam yasodhairyam, nirbhayatwam, arogata, ajadyam, vakpatutwam cha, hanumat smaranat bhavet”. He is controller of Lord Saturn.

Perform pooja to lord Hanuman with “Manyu suktam” for 7 Tuesdays or 7 Saturndays consecutively with betel leafs. Then give theertham to your daughter and you all take it. It will stop the evil effects and bickerings between you both also. Ask the pujari in Hanuman Temple.

It is a life time phenomenon. As Moon is karaka of mind, moral boosting is a solution. Love, sweet words and hug from parents are panacea to the children.

May God bless you all.