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Namaste guruji,

I got married on Dec,10,2016,stayed in-laws house only 3 days,but now my husband is asking for break-up without a proper reason,but for a very silly issues,in-laws were not actually interested to resolving the problems but adding fuel to the fire,really struggling a lot,my parents were almost bed ridden now,despite of no mistake my relaives told me apologies them,had agreed and and aksed apologies to every in the in-laws family but of no use,had thrown me out,so far first night also not taken place.But dont know what is the reason for all these things happening to me,really frustarted,i beg you from my heart am in a deep trouble,please suggest me a DOB 05/08/1981,2.45 a.m and husbands DOB 28/07/1979 06.30 p.m