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Hi devi garu

Meeku kuja dosham undhi, Kujudu lagnam lo unnadu

6th lord mars is placed in Ascendant, Its sampoorna Kuja dosha
and Rahu is placed in the 2nd house of family happiness and so that ketu in 7th house
Sun is also Natural malefic placed second house

You got marriage in JUPITER-MERCURY Dasa (Lagna and 7th lord dasa)

It is very clear you have late marriage and miserable marriage life

1.But don’t worry. Do Japa for Mars, go to temple and ask for KUJA GRAHA JAPAM (10,000 TIMES) Start from a Tuesday
2.Go to Mopidevi/ Kakakni (i think you know these places ) and perform rahu ketu pooja every week on Tuesdays for 10 weeks. Very great remedy, Pray for the go to save your marriage
3.Your are in guru dasa and 7th lord is guru dasa. Perform Guru garaha japa (go to temple and ask for japam)

In Your husband horoscope, 7th lord moon is in 8th house and and rahu is in second house and ketu is in 8th house along with 7th lord
and in navamsa he has Saturn and Mars in 7th house
Right now he is in Rahu dasa it ends 2019.. AFTER GURU dasa starts

He should also visit Mopidevi/Kakai and perform Rahu ketu pooja

If you can keep the marrige alive til 2019 then there will be no problems

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