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Dear Guest Ji,

Basic analysis of Your natal chart shows that , Lord of Marriage,7th house lord, Venus is in 8th house and it rules 12th house and placed in 8th house. So, not a very comfortable position for Venus. It is in Mrigasira Nakshatra, ruled by Mars. So just okay by Strength. Sun is placed in 7th house. Placement of sun in 7th house, delays marriage. Moreover, the planet of Marriage for Girls and Husband is in 6th house. Jupiter rules 2nd and 5th house. The house of Family expansion after marriage and happiness of Progeny. And, it’s Nakshatra Bharani, is ruled by Venus. Present Dasha is also just okay. However, You are likely to get married by the Mid, 2018.

Remedies: 1. Wear an Yellow sapphire of 4 to 5 carat on left hand index finger.
2. Perform a Venus Yaggya by an honest Astrology website.

I wish You all the very best.
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