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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Dear CRS
Don’t get upset. You will start hearing good news from Aug 4th. Things will not come to pass all of a sudden. But slowly the time favors you.
Your planetary position: Your lagna is Virgo. Moon Sign is Gemini. Mercury is in the 8th house(Aries) conjoined with Sun 12th lord. It always gives you tensions in Mercury period and sub period of Sun. Your 8th lord Mars is in Taurus 9th house (not 10th house) receiving opposition from Saturn from 3rd house. It gives disappointments in the communications or long distance travels. As Saturn is opposing Mars, the problem will be somewhat mitigated.
Moon lord of 11th is in 10th. It is a good feature. But Ketu is in lagna and also signifying Moon (11th lord in 10th) and Mercury (lord of 1st in the 8th). So if you have interest pray lord Ganesh, which will give you solutions to all of your problems.
From 26th October 2016, the planetary configuration is changing to favor you. Dasa lord Saturn comes to Moola (ketu star), Bhukti lord Rahu comes to 11th house into Mercury star. Jupiter and sun transits Rahu star in Libra. Likewise all the planets set their positions to favor you.
But mind it (Mercury lord of 1st in 8th: creation of tensions by one’s own actions in job and personal life) and don’t get upset. Think and act. God bless You.