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Reply To: exact lagna

jvsrao (KP Astrologer)J V Subbarao

Dear Sanu
You said correct lagna as Dhanus. It is in Deg.0 23′ 49″ in Ketu star Ketu sub. That Ketu is connected with Saturn and Moon in 7th bhava Gemini sign. There is a connection to Lagna sub lord Ketu and Moon.
As per RP today 09-June-2018 at 09-30-56pm :
Day lord : Saturn (Ketu is a node in capricorn and agent of Saturn)
Lagna :Capricorn Saturn – Sun(star lord)
Moon sign : Pisces Jupiter star: Revathi lord Mercury.
Hence this confirms that your lagna is Dhanus(sign lord Jupiter) in Ketu star.