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Reply To: Remedy for siro rajju


There are 9 planets in Vedic Astrology. Moon is only one of them. Star or Nakshatra is a sub division of Moon longitude in the zodiac. For horoscope compatibility, check should be made of all the 9 planets inter/intra compatibilities. So Rajju dosha which is created only because of Moon positioning in the horoscope is not such a serious dosha and if otherwise there is matching of all other planets, you can safely ignore Rajju Dosham. It contributes only 1% in weightage in checking horoscope compatibilities. There is Madhyama Rajju dosha between me and my wife’s horoscope and still we are going strong to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our happy marriage shortly which is ample proof that Rajju Dosham is not a serious problem at all in married life.

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