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Reply To: Punarbhu dosha


KP Astrology mentions about a yoga Punarphoo which is caused due to the conjunction of Moon and Saturn which should have a connection with the 7th which is not there in your horoscope. Vedic Astrology does not endorse this. However your 7th house is a bit afflicted because Jupiter in 7th house is a malefic in your horoscope. You can definitely expect to get married by mid 2022. Have a look at the strengths and nature of all planets.

Planet Nature Net effect

Sun Malefic 88.93
Moon Benefic 89.89
Mars Malefic 7.16
Mercury Benefic 55.08
Jupiter Malefic 65.17
Venus Malefic 53.26
Saturn Benefic 86.48
Rahu Malefic 6.00
Kethu Malefic 7.12

Net Malefic 51.86