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Reply To: Married life and divorce

K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

Are your married or yet to be married?
If not already married,first get married.
Dont think of divorce now.
Cultivate positive metality.
Your lagna is kanya.
Second house contains Sani(exalted) and Kuja..
These two planets give a dictatorship attitude
for this lady..She should be very careful
about her harsh words..It may impact her
married life.

Your tenth house is specially strong.
Planets in 10th house play a strong role in
a person’s career life.
Three planets are in 10th house..
It is very very good.
Sun,Budha and sukra are in 10th house..
Guru is in own house in 4th house..Very good.

Horoscope is specially strong.She is a special