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Reply To: My Marriage and Health

K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

Your lagna is Mesha.
Lagna contains-Sun,Budha,rahu.-mixed results.
2nd house -Sukra is very good.But Sani is seeing Sukra.
This factor is delaying your marriage.
7th house-kethu-bad.But Guru is seeing seventh house.
It is very good.YOu will get married delayedly.
Eighth house-Sani-bad .It delays marriage
Ninth house-Kuja -good…
11th house-Guru -very good for finances.
12th house–moon.bad.
Your horoscope shows that you will have delayed
First of all,get rid of diseases.
Read in google–kumrao99 leaf juice method.

Leaf juice method or Holistic healing method.

You have to avoid the following items for one month–
1.milk products(milk,curd,buttermilk(lassi),coffee,tea,icecreams,ghee),
2.sweets(made from sugar,jaggery and honey),
3.sweet fruits(mango,sapota,papaya,sitaphal,karbuja,red apples)
5.cashewnuts,almonds(badam),pitstha,walnuts,potato,protein supplements,
coconut,cooldrinks,bengal gram items,blackgram items

You can take the following items..
1.all rice items(rice meals,rice rava upma,pulihora,kara pongal)
2.all wheat items(puri,chapathi,wheat atta dosa,wheat rava upama,parota)
3.jowar items,ragi items
4.mosambi,santra,water melon,seeded grapes,yellow apples
5.redgram,greengram,refined oil,green mango(sour mango),uncooked amla(usirikaya),
diluted lemon juice,refined oils.

You have to drink the following leaf juice,without filtering.You have to take it in morning on empty stomach…After drinking it,you should not eat or drink any thing for 40 minutes.
Hara dhania leaves(coriander or kotimeru)30 leaves, pudina(Mint) leaves 15 ,spinach(palak) leaves7,betel leaves 3 ..ginger 10 gms, bittergourd 15 gms..