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Reply To: Marriage Almost fixed. Is it good for me ?

jvsrao (KP Astrologer)JVS Rao (KP Astrologer)

You will be wedded shortly. Everything will be finalized and marriage would be in December 2019.
The groom will be noble and magnanimous. He speaks in a jovial, pleasant and decent way. He is employed. He earns and spends for you. There won’t be unnecessary expenditure. You will have children. He is already known to you.
You leave all the doubts regarding the 2nd marriage to the boy. You have to think his integrity with you. By this time you might have come to a conclusion in all aspects. In the case of 2nd marriage everyone thinks about further complications. That you have to make inquiries and satisfy.
The point which causes thinking is whether the capability of bed comfort would be there or not? I hope you can enjoy with him. Please contact your doctor and gets your doubts resolved. Live happy.
May God bless you.
Good Luck.