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I am giving below the strength and nature of your planets as per the natal horoscope.

Planets Nature Net % Strength

Sun Malefic 41.68
Moon Benefic 63.63
Mars Malefic 15.71
Mercury Malefic 72.96
Jupiter Malefic 76.91
Venus Malefic 20.52
Saturn Malefic 86.08
Rahu Malefic 80.40
Kethu Malefic 69.59

Net Malefic 59.43

The only planet benefic to you is Moon and you are currently running Moon mahadasa which will be over in Oct 2021. After that you will be having very tough times. Read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online and if you wish to have a transitory influence of planets in USA, you can come through Paid consultation.