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Reply To: Marriage Compatibility

Navneet Khanna

The guna milan score is 13 which is less than 18 that is required for marriage. As the gana is Rakshasa and Manushya there is Gana dosha. There is also 2-12 Bhakoot Dosha which is never auspicious. As I can see there is mangal dosha as well, as the Girl has high Mangal dosha.

I can say that tentatively the horoscope matching is weak but you should check if these doshas get cancel. If the doshas get cancel, then marriage can be considered.

Having dosha is one thing and if the dosha gets cancel then it means that the dosha bad effect will not be there. Also I recommended doing the Grah milan which is matching of all the planets.

As a detailed reading can take lot of time, I suggest you look at my paid analysis from the link below. Please look at “Horoscope Matching kundli milan” from below.



Navneet Khanna