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Reply To: I want to know about my horoscope


What your family astrologer told could be right. You have a pretty poor horoscope. Have a look at the strength and nature of your planets.

Planets Nature Net % Strength

Sun Malefic 10.06
Moon Malefic 13.35
Mars Malefic 92.12
Mercury Benefic 50.94
Jupiter Malefic 33.65
Venus Malefic 55.40
Saturn Malefic 5.01
Rahu Malefic 4.61
Kethu Malefic 3.38

Net Malefic 31.18

Your success factor in life is 31%, most of which will be malefic for 69% of your life.
You are now running Mercury Mahadasa which is the only Benefic planet in your charts which will last till 2033. But all antardasas are malefic in the future.

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